Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Global Financial Crisis


Please share your thoughts and experiences of the financial crisis.
Are you or your spouse directly affected?
Is there any information that Tokyo Ok can provide you with that may make your situation better?


Mr.Big Nose said...

I'm an American male(single),currently in Tokyo on a vacation. I run a company in the United States, but I visit Tokyo very often, just because I like it here.

This economy crisis has made it harder for me to come to Tokyo, simply because of the oil price boost and the yen/dollar rate. I guess I just have to work harder in the States to enjoy my vacation in Tokyo. Hope thigs get better!

nameless said...

It seems like the number of internationsl schools in Tokyo has increased rapidly. However, I still had trouble putting my son into one of these schools. I'm sure many expats had to leave Tokyo due to this economic depression... Is the situation going to get worse??????